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Current Inventory

Buxton Auto is a very small used car lot.  We generally have no more than 6 cars available at a time ranging in price from $3500-$7000.  Most of our cars are cash only and a few are available to finance.  If the car is financeable the down payment will be listed below the cash price.  We do take trades, we buy non-running cars, and we take firearms as down payments!  Click on the vehicle photo for additional photos.

Silverado Almost Ready.jpg
Make:                     2003 Chevrolet Silverado 4x4
Mileage:                                           248k
Engine/Transmission                      5.3L Gas / Automatic

Price:                                 $6500 +TTL obo
                                                                              CASH ONLY
1998 Expedition Sold.jpg
Make:                     1998 Ford Expedition 4x4
Mileage:                                           178k
Engine/Transmission                      5.4L Gas / Automatic

Price:                                 $3250 +TTL obo
                                                                               CASH ONLY
Make:                     2002 CHEVROLET SILVERADO
Mileage:                                           298k
Engine/Transmission                      4.3L Gas / Automatic

Price:                                 $3250 +TTL obo
                                                                               CASH ONLY

End of  Available Inventory

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