Buxton Auto Buys Cars with or without Titles

We generally buy our cars at auction but we also buy cars from individuals who want to sell.  We love buying "problem cars" too.  When we say "problem cars" we mean No title cars, lost title cars, can't find my title cars, "I bought this car from a guy and never transferred the title cars" and those sorts of things. 


Our general guideline for purchasing cars is that they are 2005 or newer with under 150,000 miles.  In some cases we can make an exception.  These are the models we buy most:

            * BMW                                        * CHEVROLET COBALT                           * FORD EXPLORER

            * VOLVO                                     * FORD EXPEDITION                                * GMC ENVOY

            * FORD F150                              * LINCOLN AVIATOR                                * LINCOLN NAVIGATOR

            * MERCEDES                             * CHEVROLET TRAILBLAZER                  * MINI COOPER

If your car runs and drives you'll need to bring it along with your title up to our office for an inspection and an offer.  We pay about dealer auction and trade in prices and it's quick and easy!

We also simply buy your car because you want to sell it.  So give us a call at (972) 635-2723 and we can discuss your situation!

Want more than we can offer?

Consign your car with us on our lot

Have a car you’d like to sell but don’t want strangers coming to your house or dealing with no show appointments or endless calls?

Why not consign your vehicle on our lot.  We’ll find a price you’re happy with and get your vehicle sold.

1)      You decide the minimum you’ll accept for your vehicle

2)      We’ll handle all the advertising and showings

3)      We’ll handle the title transfer paperwork

When it’s all done we’ll collect our previously agreed upon fee and pay you the difference!